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We desire to see the people of our community learn the truths God reveals in the Scriptures and apply them to their daily lives. This happens through personal as well as small group Bible study, worship gatherings, and learning from God is doing in the lives of other believers. We offer age appropriate Bible studies for children and students as well as a wide variety of small group Bible studies for adults that range from just for women or men to intergenerational Bible studies.


We are involved in missions at the local, national, and international levels. Called Global Focus, we mobilize and champion local ministries, as well as send out teams for disaster relief and other missions at a national level. We also have partnerships internationally that we support both financially and through mission trips spearheaded by our own members.


We know the value of the family and the importance of “making disciples” of the next generation, loving and living for the Lord Jesus. Our family ministry ranges from birth through adulthood, providing Bible studies, worship services, and special events that encourage spiritual growth and promote a supportive community.

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